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History of Kims Martial Arts School

Kim's Martial Arts School was founded in 1970 in Fairview Park, Ohio.

Located on Lorain Rd, Kim's Martial Arts was the First Traditional Taekwondo School founded by Grandmaster Myung (John) H. Kim on appointment by the World Taekwondo Federation from Seoul, South Korea.

This was a worldwide effort by the W.T.F. to spread the art and sport of Taekwondo across the globe. Over the past 32 years, it is estimated that Kim's Martial Arts School, through all its branches, clubs, and affiliates has taught over 50,000 students producing at least 5,000 Black Belts.

Eternal GrandMaster Myung Hwan Kim

myungkim3Eternal GrandMaster Myung H. Kim was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea during the Korean War in 1944. He began learning Taekwondo from his Father when he was a young boy. His first love was the throwing art of judo. As a young man he competed heavily in Asia and emerged as All Asian Judo Champion. In 1962, Eternal GrandMaster Kim won the World Judo Championships and became South Korea’s first World Judo champion. Due to family crisis in 1964 he had to withdraw form the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. His strong dedication to his family took precedence over his personal goal of becoming an Olympic champion.

During the mid 1960’s, Eternal GrandMaster Kim began preparing for his Master’s Degree in the martial arts in order to be able to spread the art of Taekwondo under the direction of the World Taekwondo Federation, WTF. In 1970 Eternal GrandMaster Kim arrived in Fairview Park, Ohio and began Kim’s Martial Arts School. Eternal GrandMaster Kim continued to work and produce Black Belts up until his untimely death on May 22nd, 2000. His is survived by his wife Bernadette and his two sons, Joseph and John.

GrandMaster Joseph E. Kim

GrandMaster Joseph E. Kim

GrandMaster Joseph E. Kim is a 7th Dan Black Belt recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation, Kukkiwon and USA Taekwondo.

GrandMaster Kim is recognized as one of the most successful Taekwondo Instructors and Coaches in the United States. He has produced over 250 Black Belts as well as several National and International Champions. GrandMaster Kim has dedicated his life to the development of Taekwondo in the Cleveland community.

His school in Avon, Ohio, is one of the largest in Ohio. GrandMaster Kim began his martial arts career in 1974 under the direction of his father, Eternal GrandMaster Myung Hwan Kim. At the age of 11 years old GrandMaster Kim earned his first degree Black Belt in 1980. He is a graduate of St. Edward High School.

Taekwondo and My Life

This is GrandMaster Joseph E Kim's 7th Dan Black Belt Thesis as presented to the Kukkiwon.

My journey in Taekwondo began on June 1st, 1974, in Fairview Park, Ohio, which is a western suburb of Cleveland. I was a young boy of five years of age who had been through some serious confidence depleting events. I was born to a single mother who was left abruptly when her fiancé found out she was pregnant. In 1969 the public humiliation on a young, unwed mother was very real and a hot topic in local gossip groups. She was a catholic nurse who moved to San Francisco, California in hopes of starting a new life out West and find a husband to start a family. She met a wonderful man named Manuel Martinez and thought he was the one.

Shortly after finding out she was pregnant and learning that Manny was gone, she moved back to Cleveland and lived with her mom, Bernadette. She gave birth to a baby boy on June 18th, 1969 in Lakewood, Hospital. I was born two months pre-mature and needed some medical attention immediately. I was brought home to Bay Village, another western suburb of Cleveland, to live with my mother, grandmother, aunt, and uncle. My uncle was actively involved in Judo at the time and was in training for an Olympic dream.

GrandMaster Kim's NFL Work History

1992-1995 , Cleveland Browns Football Club
Assistant Strength Coach/ Pass Rush Specialist

1998, Dallas Cowboys Football Club
Pass Rush Consultant

1999-2000, Cleveland Browns Football Club
Assistant Strength Coach/ Pass Rush Specialist

2001-2006, Miami Dolphins Football Club
Pass Rush Consultant

2005, Green Bay Packers Football Club
Pass Rush Consultant

2007, Denver Broncos Football Club
Pass Rush Consultant

2009, Penn State University Football Team
Pass Rush Consultant

2009, Buffalo Bills Football Club
Pass Rush Consultant

2010, Kansas City Chiefs Football Club
Pass Rush Consultant

2010, New York Giants Football Club
Pass Rush Consultant

2011, Kansas City Chiefs Football Club
Pass Rush Consultant

2012, Kansas City Chiefs Football Club
Pass Rush Consultant

Coaching in background with Tamba Hali and Glenn Dorsey

Joe’s system of applying martial arts skills to the world of professional football has proven to be successful for many years. The key to a strong defense is the ability to apply pressure on the quarterback, and the dramatic increases in sacks, pressures and hurries of every student he has worked with, in a relatively short time frame, is amazing. Joe is very methodical in his approach, paying close attention to details, with a keen sense of how to effectively communicate his techniques in a manner that every NFL player understands and appreciates.

Bob Markowitz
Alumni Relations Coordinator
Cleveland Browns

Joe Kim is tremendous. He blend of martial arts expertise, football background and an ability to train all athletes makes him one of the best.

Bill Belichick
Head Coach
New England Patriots

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