Getting Started
Why choose Kim’s Martial Arts School?

1. Experience

Kim’s Martial Arts has been serving the Greater Cleveland Area for 40 years. Kim’s Martial Arts has been teaching the benefits of Taekwondo training to the area’s children and adults since 1970. Led by GrandMaster JOSEPH E. KIM Kim’s Martial Arts is committed to teaching focus, concentration, confidence, and respect through the self defense techniques of Taekwondo.

2. Flexible Schedule

We realize that today’s families have busy schedules, and adding a new activity may be challenging. That’s why we have designed our program with flexible class times, in order to accommodate as many families schedule’s as possible. Unlike other activities you don’t have to come to the same day and time each week. We offer numerous classes for all age groups Monday through Saturday with varying times. You may attend whatever class fits your schedule.

Rules & Regulations

Martial art is the cultivation of mental discipline and physical practice through the development of a healthy mind and body. Without this discipline, learning martial arts has little or no value. Your basic mental attitude is of the utmost importance.

The following rules are therefore required of all students:

  1. Upon entering and leaving the Dojang, salute the flags and bow to the instructor. Salute the flags with the right hand to the heart.
  2. Whenever you arrive during a class, stand at the entrance until the instructor acknowledges you. At that time, request permission to enter the class. Do not leave class without the instructor’s permission.
  3. The following are not allowed in the Dojang: shoes, socks, smoking, intoxication, gum, loud laughter, profanity or arguing.
  4. Always wear a clean uniform to class. Fingernails and toenails are to be kept short and neatly trimmed.
  5. Whenever you approach your instructor, bow first and speak respectfully. Always respond to an instructor or black belt by saying, "yes, sir or yes, ma’am"
  6. Whenever you need assistance, simply inform your instructor that you do not know a particular movement and the instructor will assist you. Never ask the instructor to demonstrate, simply ask your question and trust that he or she will take care of you.
  7. Students must always show respect for each other.
  8. Self-control in class is paramount; therefore loss of temper should be avoided at all costs.
  9. Students are expected to help maintain cleanliness in the Dojang.
Transfer Students

Kim’s Martial Arts School has a proud history of accepting students into our School that have trained in other Taekwondo schools/clubs and from different Martial Art styles. Unfortunately, many transfer students do not have physical proof of their current rank in the form of their previous school's certification or through their respective Martial Arts Organization. Therefore, we have found it necessary to develop the following policies and procedures to fairly determine the placement that we feel transfer students deserve within our system and organization.

1. Kim’s Martial Arts School will accept you at the current rank that you have earned from your previous Taekwondo school. You must however, provide a copy of your previous schools gup, poom or dan certification. We will accept certification from your previous Taekwondo School, Martial Arts Organization, and/or National or International Governing Body. If you cannot provide proof of your current rank in hard copy, then Kim's Martial Arts School will determine your placement in our school's ranking system upon the completion of a rank proficiency test. This test will not require a fee and in most cases will require only a half hour of your time which will allow us to assess your placement. The final placement within our ranking system will be left to the discretion of GrandMaster Joseph E. Kim.

Role of the Parent

Once your child has enrolled in Taekwondo at Kim’s Martial Arts School, we want to do everything we can to encourage and empower them to understand the positive benefits of training in this life art/sport. In order for Kim’s Martial Arts School to be effective in our goal of empowering your child, we feel it is necessary to team up with you, the parent, in order to achieve our goal together. Therefore, we would like to provide you with the following tips that will assist you in your role as the parent of a student of Taekwondo. Welcome to Kim’s Martial Arts School!

Consistent and regular class attendance is a must! Once you and your child have determined the program and how many sessions you plan to attend each week and month, it is very important to create consistency in your Taekwondo training. The more repetitions a beginner gets, the more confidence he/she builds. Attending class should not be an option, but rather a priority! It is also important to know that each student must attend a pre-determined number of classes and sessions before they will be eligible to test for their next belt level.

Testimonial - Vince and Susan Thomson

Susan and I were just talking about what a truly special and amazing event that your belt testing nights are. The blend of authority and love that you exude to those kids is just amazing. It is not a show, but backed up by your true spirit, as evidenced by you knowing each and every child by name. You never let a kid quit on a board, but just ask for more cheering. In the process, confidence is delivered. The event is inspiring to adults, as well as entertaining…there are very funny moments. It is enriching to the students, and I believe that the testing night is just a very rare occurrence in Ohio or in any state. It is just a reflection of who you are as a person, Master Kim, and we are thankful to be a part of it.

- Vince and Susan Thomson

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