Nick (top right) started us off in 2001, followed by Dad ((David) on the ground), Laura (top center), then Chris (top left). Erica joined at age six. Five years later Nick and David are black belts and everyone continues to progress well.

Laura and Chris passed their Black Belt tests in May of 2009, and Erica continues between soccer and basketball. Master Kim and his staff do an excellent job in training young adults as well as adults!


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Our Son's have been with Master Kim for over 6 years. We have been very happy with the results for many reasons. Master Kim makes it fun but disciplined, not pressurized but very focused.

Master Kim makes it very personalized and knows every student by name, His staff is just an extension of his philosophy which makes the approach very consistent.

We speak very highly of Master Kim's School when ever we are asked and would recommend it to anyone! It has and continues to help shape our young boys lives in a time that's more important than ever.

Stephanie and Mark Summers

Kim’s Martial Arts School in Avon has been a great experience. Two of my children started Taekwondo in August of 2005 and my third child began in January 2008. My two older children are in the year of preparing for their journey to Black Belt. The look on Kayla’s face when she was given her Red/Black Belt was priceless. Our goal, which is often repeated in class, is approaching.

Taekwondo has strengthened our discipline, focused our minds, and worked our bodies. My children never complain about going to Taekwondo class. Our routine is clear, and our reward of becoming a Black Belt can never be taken away. Master Kim and his entire staff have made coming to class each week exciting and fun, yet controlled and clear in the expectations once in class. There are few sports in which the reward is so great. We love being a part of this great establishment.

Sharon Lenahan Avon Lake